• The Wrist Reinforcer


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    The Wrist Reinforcer Focus solely on the wrist--forearm with the Wrist Reinforcer. Lever it, do hold-outs for time, try circles and figure-eights--and work your wrists and forearms into one very strong and very solid unit. 14" overall in length with a 1-3/8" diameter knurled handle; takes exercise plates (plate-loading end is 1-1/32" diameter, 4-1/4" long); comes with a Bulldog II Collar. (Plates shown not included.) How to choose between a Wrist Reinforcer and a Heavy Hammer II:  
    • With its 2" diameter handle, the Heavy Hammer II combines grip and wrist-forearm work. Longer and lighter in weight, it is made from tubing and is used with a spring clip collar (a Bulldog II Collar could dent/damage it).
    • The shorter and heavier Wrist Reinforcer, with its smaller grip, allows you to really focus on the wrist-forearm, using whatever poundage you can handle. Designed to take a real pounding, it is made from bar stock and uses a Bulldog II Collar for maximum security.We recommend that you choose between the two based on your training goals, as each has a valuable role.
  • Just Protein


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    Just Protein - 5lb bag  (2.26kg) A classic, all-natural milk and egg protein powder:
    • concentrated muscle-building food
    • top-quality calcium caseinate
    • great taste in all kinds of shakes; no chemical aftertaste
    • clean, simple ingredients, no additives, preservatives, or artificial anything
    Perfect for post-workout recovery or for a snack or meal on the go, Just Protein delivers the muscle-building nutrition you need. Make it a daily habit--and get bigger and stronger, leaner and meaner. 4-star bill of health:
    • just 4 ingredients: calcium caseinate (milk protein); instant non-fat dry milk; whole egg powder; natural vanilla-almond flavor
    • high-quality profile: low sodium and carbs, fewer calories, lower cholesterol and no added sugars, fillers, or artificial flavors
    A 28-g serving (one dry oz. or about one-quarter measuring cup) contains 112 calories, 18 g protein, 7 g carbohydrates, 1 g fat, .1 mg cholesterol, 264 mg potassium, and 63 mg sodium; plus all essential amino acids. 80 one-quarter cup servings per 5-lb. bag.
  • Good-Old-Basic IronMind Sweatpants


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    Just right for working out: roomy for squats, well-insulated for cold weather, comfortable, and easy on/off. 50% cotton/50% poly (for comfort and warmth), side pockets, drawstring waist in navy. Size (flat waist/length):
    • M - 28" flat waist (expands to 38"); 29.5" length
  • Trilobite Rolling Handles


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    Trilobite Rolling Handle Only.  Frame Not Included. Three different Handle Sizes to choose from. Trilobite 2" Handle Trilobite 2.5" Handle Trilobite 3" Handle Frame is not included.
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    Fat Gripz One

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    Fat Gripz One

    DIAMETER  1.75 in / 4.45 cm

    Functional Training For Size and Strength Development On All Exercises Guaranteed to Build Arm Size - Yes! A PRODUCT AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEE (EVERY PAIR OF FAT GRIPZ HAS A HOLOGRAM TO SHOW THAT IT IS GENUINE)
  • White Nail


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    IronMind Bending Nails - Level 1, White
  • DubHub by Barrel Strength Systems



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    Whether you're training to hoist plates by the hub or you already hoist them, but they don't make plates heavy enough for your hoisting abilities, The DubHub is here to help. Designed with a deep and shallow hub, all you have to do is loosen the wing nut and flip the hub over for a completely different challenge.
    • Crafted from strong, lightweight aluminum, so no need to worry about rust or inconsistent coatings.
    • Soft de-burred edges so you can train longer and harder without tearing up your hands.
    • Double-sided construction with 3" wide x 1.25" deep hub on one side and a 3" wide x 0.75" deep hub on the other.
    • Connects to loading pin with quick release pin, so it's fast and always right where you need it.
  • Blob Trainer by Barrel Strength Systems Blob Trainer by Barrel Strength Systems

    Blob Trainer


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    Want to train your wide pinch without needing a wide wallet or having to search far and wide for an original York Dumbbell to chop up? The Blob Trainer is just what you need. The Blob Trainer is designed to closely replicate the width and curvature of a half-100 York Fatman Blob, so everybody can train for the feat. It has 3 carabiner attachments for varying tilt, with the center point extended so that it can be placed directly into a Barrel Strength Systems loading pin for fixed attachment. Each Blob Trainer is powder coated black with texture, so you don’t have to wait for it to get rusty to hold chalk.
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    Large IMTUG Caddy Only (No Grippers)

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    It looks great, and stores all your IMtugs in one place. Sporting a clean, functional design in brushed aluminum, it holds 7 IMTUGs; 8" x 2".
  • A Headstrap Fit for Hercules


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    Special Order Item.  Once order is received it will be ordered in with our next IronMind shipment. Don't be a pencil-neck--get strong from head to toe. Beautifully crafted, Wicked-Strong, and adjustable, holding 1,500 lb., the Headstrap Fit for Hercules comes to the rescue. Just 3 minutes of neck training 3 times a week will make you feel great--and no more 14" shirts. Adjusts to fit heads from 20" to 26", comfortable yet holds over one ton. The aluminum frame is designed for training the front, back and sides of your neck. Either hang the weight directly from the red webbing belt, or for added convenience, use a loading pin and carabiner. Use the center slot on the blue aluminum frame to train the muscles on the front and back of your neck; use the round holes in the sides of the frame to train the muscles on the sides of your neck. Start easy, or you can end up with some very sore muscles, and always use immaculate form--no jerky movements and always stay well within your natural range of motion. Use a moderate weight and keep your reps in something like the 10 to 15 range.
  • Trilobite Rolling Handle by Barrel Strength Systems

    Trilobite Rolling Handle


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    The Trilobite Rolling Handle series is designed to be the very best rolling handle on the market. It has the lowest amount of friction of any roller; the handle is made of cold rolled steel with a floating axle that the rollers slide onto. The rollers are made of strong, light, and corrosion resistant 6061 aluminium to ensure a consistent surface and lower shipping costs for the international market. The quick change design allows the device to be user serviceable, and allows the consumer to both make their own devices for the handle such as a wood roller or pinch block, and it will allow me to produce future attachments without you having to buy unnecessary additional handles. 2", 2.5", and 3" rollers are currently available. 2" - Good for training for axle lifting, overload for larger handles, and average to small hand sizes. 2.5" - Best for competition and training for the inch dumbbell. 3" - Good for armwrestlers and general wrist training and thumb strength.
  • 15″ Olympic Plate Loading Pin (No Carabiner)


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    IronMind's loading pins and carabiners provide an easy way to hold some barbell plates that you want to attach to anything from a Rolling Thunder to a De Rigueur Dipping Belt.* First offered in 1990, they have been part of many a strong guy's workout ever since. If you are looking to get certified on the Rolling Thunder, Pinch Block or IronMind Hub you will need this loading pin to enter.  For more information on the rules please click on link below. Rolling Thunder® One-Hand Deadlift Rules and Official Referee Form The Olympic loading pin is 15" long and 2" in diameter and takes Olympic plates; use with the super-duty large carabiner, which holds loads up to 6,600 lb. (yep!). 15" Olympic plate loading pin only (no carabiner) *IronMind equipment that requires a loading pin to hold the weight: Rolling Thunder Revolving Deadlift Handle, Hub-style Pinch Gripper, Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block, One Wicked Wrist Roller, Little Big Horn, Outer Limits Loops, Claw Curl, and R-Ring. A loading pin makes weight changes easy on our Twist Yo' Wrist, De Rigueur Dipping Belt, SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt, and Headstrap Fit for Hercules.