Silver Bullet Training DVD – Jedd Johnson

Silver Bullet Training DVD – Jedd Johnson

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Silver Bullet Training DVD by Jedd Johnson

The Silver Bullet Hold for Time.


  1.  Introduction
  2. Rules
  3. Position & Set Depth
  4. Weights Used
  5. Frequency
  6. Warm Up
  7. Attempt 1
  8. Attempt 2
  9. Attempt 3
  10. Extra Attempt
  11. Bonus No.3.5 Silver Bullet
  12. Feat of the Year
  13. 2 Minute Window
  14. Gripmas 2014
  15. World Record Broken Closing


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The perfect balance between crushing grip strength force, holding power, and test of will.

This test of strength and stamina involves holding a 2.5-kilogram disk suspended from the end of an aluminum “bullet” with a heavy-duty hand gripper.

And despite the simplicity of the Silver Bullet event, it remains one of the most frustrating Grip challenges in the world.

Believe me, 2.5 kilograms never felt so heavy until you’re holding it at the end of the Silver Bullet.

It would seem so easy to progress on the Silver Bullet, but competitors continually put up roughly the same numbers in competition, barely gaining any time at all from contest to contest and from year to year.

The Silver Bullet can be truly maddening.

And as the rest of the competitive grip world continues to shake their heads in bewilderment, wondering what they’re doing wrong, you’re about to go to the next level with your Silver Bullet training.

This DVD will open your eyes to the missing pieces of the puzzle of Silver Bullet Training.

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