Operation: Gripper Certification – Hand Gripper Training DVD

Operation: Gripper Certification – Hand Gripper Training DVD


Dear Fellow Gripper Fan:

Have you hit a brick wall with your gripper training?

Are you struggling to cover that last little bit of distance between the gripper handles?

Are you getting tired of seeing limited improvement, DESPITE all the effort you’ve put into your gripper training?

You’re not alone…

Year in and year out, Gripper sales fly like rockets, but the number of certified Captains of Crush moves at a snail’s pace.

Why is it that out of the THOUSANDS of lifters who fall in love with Grippers every year, only a tiny percentage of them reach the pinnacle of Crush Strength.

It ALL comes down to lack of information.

There’s never been a trusty guide to show you what you need to know when it comes to credit card set training, the type of set you MUST use to certify with IronMind today.

That’s right, all that’s separating you from your gripper training goals are these two Extremely Important Keys to Gripper Training:

(1) Proper Wide Set Gripper Technique & (2) Certification-Specific Training Methods

These are the only 2 things that separate you from finally attaining your goal of becoming a certified “Captain of Crush.”

It’s not Hand Size. It’s not Luck. It’s not having the right friends.

It’s knowledge of how to properly train with your grippers for the heralded IronMind Certification.

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For most Gripper Enthusiasts, understanding Proper Technique/Placement (maximizing your leverage) & the right Training Methods (working within your personal physical parameters) are all you need to be successful.

But we didn’t want to just stop there. We wanted to give you even better value for your investment.

So, in Operation: Gripper Certification, you’re also gonna learn even more training tips to help you reach your goals even faster.

1. Other Helpful Grip Work

Did you know there’s also other types of grip training that will help you build even bigger gripper closing power?

There’s even some lifts you can do for your full body strength that bring up your gripper crushing power.

In this section, you’ll learn all about these training methods and exercises, and why they contribute so much to a bigger crushing grip.

2. Strengthening the Weak Links in Your Chain

Once you correct your Technique and Placement, you’re gonna be blown away by how much deeper you can close your current target gripper.

But did you know that closing big grippers requires more than bone-crushing finger strength?

The truth is that weak thumbs and wrists can hold your gripper training back.

That’s because they cause “energy leaks” in your technique.

These “energy leaks” make you less efficient because they allow the gripper shift out of the sweet spot and energy leaks make your hand have to work even harder to close the gripper.

“Energy leaks” also distract you and take your focus away from smashing the gripper.

You’ll soon learn about these damaging weak links that compromise your crush, how to fix them and how to make sure all your power goes toward closing the handles together.

3. Developing a Powerful Set

Does it feel like you lose power when you set the gripper or when you position it to swipe the credit card?

Do you end up fumbling around trying to get it into place?

If that’s the case, then your set is hurting you more than you know.

Every bit of energy that you burn setting the gripper takes away from the energy you have left for crushing the gripper to the closed position.

In this section, you’ll learn how to get complete command over the gripper, the instant you start your set into motion.

And once you master the Power Set, you’ll become even more efficient and have more strength left over to mash the gripper shut.

4. Proper Warm-up for Gripper Training

In an on-line survey of over 200 gripper enthusiasts, we learned that one of the biggest areas of confusion around gripper training was the proper way to warm-up for big gripper attempts.

How many lighter attempts should you?

How much is enough?

How do you know if you’ve done too much?

Should you do anything else, BESIDES a few lighter gripper closes?

There was so much confusion about this subject, that Paul and I decided to include a section dedicated to it.

After all, closing big grippers DEMANDS correct preparation, just like a monster Bench Press or Deadlift.

Once you get this right, you’ll waste fewer attempts, you’ll have more power in the tank during your training sessions, and you’ll know EXACTLY how much to do when it’s time to certify with your referee.

5. Wide Set Specialization Training

Now we get into the fun stuff – training with grippers for the credit card set close.

In this section, you’ll watch me grill Paul for information.

What were the primary methods he used when he was training to certify on the #3?

What are the best set-and-rep schemes for gripper training?

Are there any methods he DOES NOT recommend?

Are there dangerous drills you should avoid like the plague when it comes to gripper training.

You’ll learn all of this and more in this section of the DVD.

6. Live Attempts by Jedd and Paul

Now, the fun begins!

After a quick warm-up, Paul and I take some attempts on some grippers.

It’s during these attempts that I successfully closed my first #3 gripper with a credit card set!

I can’t fully describe how awesome it felt to crush the handles together on Paul’s #3, after so many years of failing.

But, the truth is, it ALL came down to Paul’s incredible Gripper Placement Tip, that I told you about above.

I know this ONE LITTLE TIP is gonna be responsible for HUNDREDS of Gripper Guys & Gals closing their current goal gripper for the first time, and I can’t wait to hear about how much it helps YOU.

7. Extra Tips To Help You Get Better Faster

Paul’s just like me. He loves to over-deliver. So, after going over everything above, we sat down for one more segment and we racked our brains for all the other little Gripper Tips we could think of.

We truly left no stone unturned in this DVD. Anything you could ever possibly want to know about Credit Card Set Training and Wide Set Specialization with Grippers is included in this awesome DVD.

BONUS: 8. Gripper Ratings

There are many different companies that make grippers these days, and all of them use different labeling systems for their series of grippers.

So, it can be tough to tell how two grippers from different companies compare as far as true strength and difficulty to close.

Even when two gripper companies assign their own poundage rating, you can’t truly rely on them for an accurate comparison, because you don’t know how the numbers were obtained.

For that reason, we stuck this short demonstration of how Grippers are rated at the end of the video so you can see exactly how it’s done.

This system allows you to see exactly what kind of poundage each gripper you own has, and how much stronger one gripper is compared to the next in your collection.

Just another weapon for your arsenal in your battle to become certified.

BONUS: 14. The Blooper Reel

When you’re filming a DVD with a good friend like Paul, sooner or later, you’re gonna screw up, say something silly, or play a joke on the other guy.

And believe it or not, although he keeps to himself most of the time these days, Paul Knight is actually a really great guy.

In fact, he’s even quite a jokester.

Throughout the day of filming this DVD, several funny outtakes took place, and all of them were captured in this section of the DVD for you to enjoy.

So there you go – EVERYTHING you need to know in order to be successful in your journey to certify as a Captain of Crush is included in this DVD.

You don’t have to worry about the trial and error basis.

You don’t have to try to read every article online or scour forums or old magazines for answers.

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