IronMind EGG Set of Two

IronMind EGG Set of Two

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IronMind Egg Set of Two

Warm-ups, active rest and recovery, stress-relief, repping out, or max efforts, the IronMind EGG can be squeezed as gently or as ferociously as you’d like.

Egg-shaped, made of a 21st-century polymer that is easy on the soft tissue of your hand and retains its shape. 4″ long and 7-1/4″ around the widest part, the IronMind EGG comes in two strengths:

  • Green EGG is softer, with a greater dynamic range when squeezed; perfect for rehab
  • Blue EGG has a firmer, stiffer feel, with a useful amount of give

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Available on backorder

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 350 x 180 x 150 mm


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