Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz

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Fat Gripz are the new worldwide training phenomenon that help add muscle and strength (especially big arms) to your body in record time. They have been described as “the biggest thing to happen to weight training in the last decade”

Using a thicker diameter bar automatically targets your body’s weak links, which helps unlock massive increases in strength of your whole body.

Fits on dumbells, barbells & pull up bars easily within 10 seconds – then doesn’t budge until you want to take them off.

Made from a military grade high-density compound that grips the bar like a clamp and doesn’t compress or wear out – even after years of punishment.


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Fat Gripz more than doubles the thickness of standard dumbells & barbells at a fraction of the costs of a set of thick bars.

Thicker handles stimulate much more muscle activation in the hands and arms. More muscle activation means much bigger muscle and strength gains.

Fat Gripz helps avoids imbalances and weaknesses so you can focus on increasing your strength and muscle.

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 120 mm


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