CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination – Hand Gripper Training DVD

CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination – Hand Gripper Training DVD


Attention all those interested in Superior Strength…

Discover the Secrets to Gripper Training that will improve your hand strength, grip endurance, and increase performance in the rest of your strength training and sporting endeavors.

It’s time to put an end to the nonsense and start using beneficial training methods to build the grip strength that can help us out in so many ways.

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This DVD is broken up into several detailed Modules covering everything you need to know in order to develop a strong crushing grip through Gripper Training.

Module 1 – Bulletproofing the Hands and Lower Arms

Nothing will set your Gripper training behind worse than having injuries. I will show you the Preventive Measures to do now in order to keep injuries away and keep the gains coming.
Warm-up: I will cover how I go about warming up in order to make sure not only muscles and connective tissues are warm and ready to perform, but also the movements that get your nervous system primed and ready to put a hurting on grippers.

Stretching: I will share with you the stretching movements I do between sets and what I do after workouts in order to speed recovery and prevent things like overuse and tendonitis.

Strength Balance: You will see the exact movements I do in order to maintain balance throughout my lower arms so that my hands and fingers continue to get stronger.

Module 2 – Types of Grippers

Each year, more types of grippers appear on the market. It can be hard to decide which ones to get. I will help you sort all of this out…
Introduction to Grippers: From Torsion Spring Grippers, like the Captains of Crush, Heavy Grips and Beef Builder Grippers, to Adjustable Coil Spring Grippers like the Vulcan Gripper, V2, or the Ivanko Super Gripper, there are many options available for Gripper Training these days.

The Best Grippers?: I will show you many of these styles of grippers and I will show you the ones that I feel are the best ones to use in your training.

Variety in Gripper Training?: I will also show you the different styles of Grippers that cross-over well to one another, and the ones that do very little to help with other styles of Grippers.

Module 3 – Gripper Training Basics Everyone MUST Know

Gripper Training is just like any other sporting event. There are basics and fundamentals that must be understood before moving on to advanced training. In this section I will quickly bring you up to speed with a Hand Gripper Training Primer that will cover the following:
Terminology: Like any sport or discipline, Hand Gripper Training entails specialized vocabilary that is important to understand in order to accel. I will clear all of this up to you right away so you can move forward in the training with confidence.

Gripper Techniques: Just like in sports such as basketball, football, baseball, and soccer, the fundamentals must be learned first. With that said, the single most crucial factor in Gripper success is learning proper set mechanics. Once you have this right, you can instantly jump up one level on a Gripper.

Gripper Related Equipment: In this section I show you some of the commonly used equipment in Gripper Training, including setting cards, blocks, and chokers.

Module 4 – Supplementary Training: Strength from Start to Finish

Closing a Gripper requires you to move the handles through three stages: the Set, the Sweep, and the Finish. When you watch this module, you will discover how to build strength through all three of these individual parts of the close.
Improving the Set: I will show you how to improve your set, including how you can instantly use to gain an automatic improvement on your grippers without any additional training.

Improving the Sweep: After you see what I have planned for you, you will never fear a gripper with a wide handle set again. All you will be thinking is “BRING IT ON!”

Improving the Finish: I will show you how to take conventional strap holds to another level, which means finishing off the last few millimeters will become even easier for you.

Module 5 – Supplementary Training: Addressing Weaknesses

Many trainees do not realize the role that individual parts of the hand can have in closing Grippers. In this section you will understand why each part of the hand is important and how to make them strong and powerful.
Thumb Weaknesses: You will discover the role the thumb plays in the Gripper close, and ways to effectively turn your thumb from a liability to an asset perfect for Gripper Closing.

Last Two Finger Training: You will understand how important the last two fingers are to the gripper close, as well as how to train them to be ready to finish the last few millimeters of the close.

Using Equipment Other Than Grippers: Don’t have a lot of Grippers in your collection? No problem – I will show you how to use other items in order to bring up your hand strength. From items commonly found in a gym, to home made pieces that you can whip up in no time, you will understand how to use other devices to turn your hands into crushing weapons.

Module 6 – Advanced Training Techniques

Once you have developed a strong foundation in Gripper training, you may want to challenge yourself even further. In this section, you will learn ways to take your Gripper work to the next level in order to develop upper levels of crushing grip strength.
Integration Training: You will learn ways that Grippers can be paired with basic movements such as Deadlifts and Swings in order to turn them into highly effective grip training movements as well.

Gripper Modifications: You will learn how you can easily modify your grippers in order to more specifically train toward accomplishing elite goals, such as certifying on the IronMind Grippers.

Pulling from Other Strength Disiciplines: In this section you will see how you can take principles originally established in other types of strength training and apply them to your gripper training. HINT: Bodybuilding and Powerlifting concepts cross over VERY WELL to Hand Gripper Training.

Module 7 – Other Important Gripper Training Concepts

In this section I will cover with you additional concepts you can start building into your training to accelerate your progress and strength gains. These are concepts that are often skipped, missed, or ignored by new Gripper trainees.
Your Gripper Collection: In this section, you will understand how to assess your current Gripper collection and then decide whether it is necessary for you to make some additions.

Dealing with Failure: When it comes to hand gripper training, you must know how to train and deal with failure. Soon you will know what to look for in your misses and how to turn them into future successes.

Mental Approach: The way you think about your training and how you approach your attempts have a tremendous effect on your success. I will tell you about ho to develop your mindset in order to accomplish your goals more quickly.


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