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    IronMind Standard Plate Loading Pin & Snap Clip 12" The exercise loading pin is 12" (30cm) long and 1"(2.54cm) in diameter and takes standard plates; the small connecting snap clip holds loads up to 200 lb. (90kg) Perfect for people with home gyms and standard weight plates. Comes with Snap Clip.    
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    Build and test your pinch grip with maximum lifts and holds–try strolling with it!–and even lateral raises. With the IronMind Pinch Grip Block the harder you squeeze, the stronger you get. 76mm width How do you compare? If you can do:
    • 16kg - average
    • 23kg - accomplished
    • 32kg - world-class
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    CoC Key by IronMind

    CoC Key

    $26.40 $22.00
    CoC Key Miles to Mils by IronMind is the GPS for your grip training--know where you are and you'll reach your goal faster. Here's how you gauge the gap and track your progress--precisely.