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  • Grip & Lift Loading Pin Grip & Lift Loading Pin

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    Grip & Lift Loading Pin is a must have in Home Gym, Fitness Centre's & Grip Training.  The Loading Pin can be loaded with Olympic sized weight plates and is compatible with many grip training tools. Load up to 160kg!
    • Hub Lift
    • Pinch Block
    • Plate Pinch
    • Wrist Roller
    • Twist Yo Wrist
    • Rolling Thunder Revolving Deadlift Handle
    • Little Big Horn
    Can also be used as a pulley system and create your own Cable Pull Down System.  
  • Sports Chalk Sports Chalk

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    Sports Chalk perfect for using with Captains of Crush Grippers or any grip strength training. -Perfect for keeping your hands dry during rock-climbing, cross-fit training, weight lifting sessions, power-lifting, athletics and gymnastic etc. -Absorbs sweat from hands and provides better grip over barbell, dumbbells, slippery surfaces -Helpful to achieve better performance in competition -Non toxic and tasteless
  • Grip & Lift Wrist Roller Grip & Lift Wrist Roller

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    Made by Grip & Lift Australia in Australia The Wrist Roller is made of Stainless Steel, 52mm in diameter.  The thickness of the unit makes you work harder.  5 feet of high quality rope and a stainless steel heavy duty carabiner. Hold arms straight out front shoulder width apart and roll the Wrist Roller until the weight has reached the top.  And then slowly let the weight down until it hits the end of the rope.  Start with light weight.
      Great pump and intense training for your forearms.
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    The Rolling Thunder - a universal test of grip strength that started a sport. One of the world's premier tests of grip strength, the Rolling Thunder by IronMind is a training tool of first choice for everyone from armwrestlers to rock climbers and will become one of your favorites as well. Hook it up to a loading pin and clip (not included), for one-hand deadlifts, doing either reps or holds. The thick-handled one-hand deadlift is a 20th century archetypal test of grip strength and the Rolling Thunder Deadlift is now a 21st century grip competition staple worldwide.  
  • IronMind Twist Yo Wrist Forearm Strength Tool IronMind Twist Yo Wrist Forearm Strength Tool

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    Give it a turn for strong wrists in all directions and a new way to pump up your forearms, training your grip strength at the same time.  Add weight plates to your desired preference.  (weight plates not included) The Twist Yo' Wrist trains both your grip, wrist and forearm, and the movement is radial and ulnar deviation--picture opening a jar of peanut butter with one hand on the lid, the other on the bottom of the jar and twisting. It is designed so that you train both concentrically (winding up the cord) and eccentrically (allowing it to unwind under control).
  • IronMind Hub

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    IronMind Hub - A staple at grip competitions worldwide and part of the Crushed-to-Dust! Challenge, the IronMind Hub lets you build and test your pinch grip in this classic feat of grip strength. The current hub pinch grip world records are*: Men: Harri Tolonen February 4, 2017 40.90 kg (90.16 lb.) Women: Elizabeth Horne at 55.8 lb. on 5 April 2014 How do you compare? If you can do: 30 lb. - average 50 lb. - accomplished 80 lb. - world-class 2-7/8" diameter gripping surface; crinkle finish. Please note you will need a Loading Pin to attach the IronMind Hub
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    Build and test your pinch grip with maximum lifts and holds–try strolling with it!–and even lateral raises. With the IronMind Pinch Grip Block the harder you squeeze, the stronger you get. 76mm width How do you compare? If you can do:
    • 16kg - average
    • 23kg - accomplished
    • 32kg - world-class
    This Item Is Special Order and will be included on next shipment if purchased.
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    Grip & Lift Standard Loading Pin The loading pin is 12" long and 1" in diameter and takes standard weight plates. Actual Size - 20 Nominal Bore – 26.9mm OD & 2.6mm Wall Comes with 8mm Carabiner. Can hold up to 160kg! Black Powder Coat Finish Can use many attachments:
    • Rolling Thunder
    • IronMind Hub
    • Grip & Lift Wrist Roller
    • IronMind Little Big Horn
    • IronMind Pinch Block
    • Barrel Strength Trilobite
    • Barrel Strength Flask
    • Barrel Strength DubHub
    • Country Crush Handles
    • Many other attachments
  • Vertical Grip Handle Grip Strength

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    Grip & Lift Vertical Grip Handle Challenge your Grip Strength with the Vertical Grip Handles!  How many pull ups can you do before you lose your grip. Grip & Lift Vertical Grip Handles can be used with your Grip & Lift Loading Pin, cable machine, pull ups, or any other piece that you can think of. Black powder coat finish. Made In Australia! Sold individually (One Each) or as a pair.  Multiple options available. Option 1:  One Handle with One Carabiner Option 2:  Two Handles with Two Carabiners Option 2:  Two Grip & Lift Vertical Grip Handles with a pair of Loops for Pull Ups. Includes Caribiners.  
  • CoC Silver Bullet

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    CoC Silver Bullet combines strength, endurance and power in one movement, perfect for training and competitions. Mark your best effort by squeezing the CoC Silver Bullet between the handles of your CoC gripper. The updated version of strap holds, you hang a small weight from the strap, slip the end of the CoC Silver Bullet in between the handles of your favorite Captains of Crush gripper, and clamp down and hang on for dear life. If you let the gripper open up even a hair, the CoC Silver Bullet will fall to the ground (watch out for your feet!), marking your best effort. The CoC Silver Bullet Hold has become a staple at top grip contests around the world--it's a real crowd pleaser. Besides being a lot of fun for competitors and spectators alike, the CoC Silver Bullet solves a major problem in the grip(per) world: it doesn't matter if you think your hands are too big, too small or just the right size for grippers, this is one gripper event that levels the playing field.
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    Combine grip and wrist--forearm work. Train everything from your elbow to your fingertips in one movement--the 2" diameter handle will work your grip as you lever it up and down. Proven on everyone from armwrestlers to steel benders to hockey players, the Heavy Hammer uses standard plates (not included) and comes with a spring clip collar. Overall length is 18"; loading surface is 1" in diameter and 4" long.
  • Trilobite Rolling Handle by Barrel Strength Systems

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    The Trilobite Rolling Handle series is designed to be the very best rolling handle on the market. It has the lowest amount of friction of any roller; the handle is made of cold rolled steel with a floating axle that the rollers slide onto. The rollers are made of strong, light, and corrosion resistant 6061 aluminium to ensure a consistent surface and lower shipping costs for the international market. The quick change design allows the device to be user serviceable, and allows the consumer to both make their own devices for the handle such as a wood roller or pinch block, and it will allow me to produce future attachments without you having to buy unnecessary additional handles. 2", 2.5", and 3" rollers are currently available. 2" - Good for training for axle lifting, overload for larger handles, and average to small hand sizes. 2.5" - Best for competition and training for the inch dumbbell. 3" - Good for armwrestlers and general wrist training and thumb strength.

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