Interview with Jordan BIGGIE Steffens

Interview with Jordan “BIGGIE” Steffens We caught up with Jordan BIGGIE Steffens for a chat and to learn more about the Big Man!  Jordan is a Professional Strongman Turn Circus Strongman.  In the past 12 months he has pulled a Qantas Boeing 737 Plane, 155ton Train and a Big Rig Tow Truck, plus many other [...]

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Randall Strossen – President of IronMind

Randall J. Strossen - Founder & President of IrondMind We caught up with The Founder & President of IronMind, Randall Strossen.  Randall lives in the foothills of the Sierras in Northern California.  He has been interested in strength for well over half a century and started IronMind in 1988. He has a Ph.D. in [...]

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Tim Graham SA Armwrestling

Tim Graham - South Australian Arm of Armwrestling Australia   We caught up with Tim Graham, the President of the South Australian Arm of Armwrestling Australia. He was happy to have a chat about his experiences in Armwrestling. Tim has been working on increasing the sport & awareness of Armwrestling in Australia. What got [...]

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Interview with David Coombs

David Coombs from Physiologic This Month we catch up with David Coombs a Gold Coast physio and running coach. David specialises in treating running injuries and teaching running technique. He is also an athlete in his own right and has completed a few tough and challenging races such as 160k ultra runs and [...]

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Jedd Johnson – Diesel Crew – Grip Sport Champion

Interview with Jedd Johnson - Diesel Crew When you research Grip Strength Training enough you are sure to come across the name Jedd Johnson. He has over 1700 videos on YouTube mostly Grip Strength related. He is a World Record Holder and has [...]

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Stock Levels

Captains of Crush Gripper Stock Please note that we keep a regular stock of Captains of Crush Grippers.  If the product is out of stock or is on Back Order we will have more coming in within a week or at most 10 business days. Within the past 2 weeks we have had a [...]

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Jake Watson Strongman

Jake Watson - Strongman We had the chance to catch up with Jake Watson competitive Strongman, Australian Strongman Record Holder, Personal Trainer & Owner of The Warehouse in Unley SA which is a Strongman / Powerlifting Gym here in Adelaide. What got in you into Strongman Competitions and how long have you [...]

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