Tim Graham SA Armwrestling

Tim Graham – South Australian Arm of Armwrestling Australia


We caught up with Tim Graham, the President of the South Australian Arm of Armwrestling Australia. He was happy to have a chat about his experiences in Armwrestling. Tim has been working on increasing the sport & awareness of Armwrestling in Australia.

What got in you into Armwrestling and how long have you […]


Interview with David Coombs

David Coombs from Physiologic

This Month we catch up with David Coombs a Gold Coast physio and running coach. David specialises in treating running injuries and teaching running technique. He is also an athlete in his own right and has completed a few tough and challenging races such as 160k ultra runs and the 42k Spartan Ultra Beast (which he […]


Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps There are different Lifting Straps available out there and we carry three of IronMind’s Lifting Straps.

Used by Athlete’s in the World’s Strongest Man Competitions.

Select the IronMind lifting straps that are right for you:

IronMind Strong Enough Lifting Straps

Strong-Enough 21-1/4”, loop at one end 1-1/2” wide top pro strongman choice; best general purpose

IronMind […]


This Week In Grip

We were happy and excited to be featured in This Week In Grip out of the US.

Feature part is around the 1:20 mark.  For the Double Hub Lift with 20kg Plates.


Jedd Johnson – Diesel Crew – Grip Sport Champion

Interview with Jedd Johnson – Diesel Crew When you research Grip Strength Training enough you are sure to come across the name Jedd Johnson. He has over 1700 videos on YouTube mostly Grip Strength related. He is a World Record Holder and has won numerous Grip Sport Competitions.

He […]


Stock Levels

Captains of Crush Gripper Stock Please note that we keep a regular stock of Captains of Crush Grippers.  If the product is out of stock or is on Back Order we will have more coming in within a week or at most 10 business days.

Within the past 2 weeks we have had a increase in the number of sales […]


Rob McMurren Grip Sport Heavyweight Champion

One of the only people I know that can bend fry pans in half!

We had the pleasure of speaking with Rob McMurren from Waterloo, Ontario Canada.

Rob has won the Canadian Grip-Sport Heavyweight Championship 2 years in a row!  Rob is a supervisor at the University of Waterloo and also coaches the football team there part time.

What got […]


Jake Watson Strongman

Jake Watson – Strongman We had the chance to catch up with Jake Watson competitive Strongman, Australian Strongman Record Holder, Personal Trainer & Owner of The Warehouse in Unley SA which is a Strongman / Powerlifting Gym here in Adelaide.

What got in you into Strongman Competitions and how long have you been training?
I was always more intrigued […]


Men’s Health Magazine Article

It just so happened that I answered the phone one day and the person on the other end says to me “You’re the guy that rips phone books in half.  I am from Men’s Health Magazine.”

(Here I am thinking this guy wants to sell me ad space in the magazine)

The call goes on and […]

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